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Water supply Dubai was formed to fulfill our customer’s demands. We always wanted our customers to be happy about the services we offer. Our customers always come back to us because of our faithful services. Our main aim is to improve, safeguard and lead innovation in the quality and distribution of temporary water supply services. Since established we have been heavily involved in improving standards in the industry. Cross contamination and unsafe installations have fatal consequences which all can be avoided with the right guidance, training, and awareness. To ensure high quality and safe delivery, which outlines the Provision and Management of Temporary Water Supplies and Distribution. Ensuring pipework is suitable for wholesome water, equipment and fittings are approved and water technicians are fully trained in sampling and monitored. We are experts in supplying water for drinking and other purposes. We provide all kind of water tanker (Sweet Water Tanker, Salt Water Tanker, Irrigation Water, Waste Water Collection) services. We assure of timely delivery, exact quantity, and high quality water. Our sweet water is sourced only from DUBAL. 

Vision: Water supply Dubai is looking forward to being one of the best company in sweet water services.

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