Sweet Water

Sweet water is used many purposes, as you know how important water is necessary in our daily life. Without water our life is nothing. In Emarati Arabic drinking water is called Mai Heloo (Sweet Water). So its common to call it as Sweet Water in UAE. Sweet water is used for filling up swimming pools, construction sites, irrigation purposes, etc. It is also used when DEWA water is shut off due to some faulty issues.

Source of Water in Dubai UAE

In Dubai water is found in two sources, ground water and desalinated seawater. Ground water is usually very hard as we are very near to the sea. Drinking pure water is usually desalinated seawater. With the advances of desalination technologies,  sea water has become an interesting water source to cope with fresh water shortage.  This process can be applied wherever a reliable source of water is needed. Our Sweet water Tankers carry water from DUBAL (EGA), They have a plant for desalination of sea water to sweet water. Its our main source to supply water in Dubai.

Sweet Water Services in Dubai

When it comes to providing water services in Dubai we are your reliable service provider. For best quality of water, we supply water only from DUBAL. DUBAL’s potable water meets the Dubai Municipality and World Health Organization (“WHO”) drinking water quality requirements. While delivering our services, we mainly focus on hygienic techniques to maintain the quality of water. Through a dedicated team and quality focus, we have established ourselves as your trustworthy partner for supply of water in Dubai, UAE. 

Sweet Water Supply and Delivery

With a fleet of tankers and highly skilled staff, we supply water to different work sites all over Dubai. In addition to supplying water, we also offer water tanker in Dubai on lease. Our team are dedicated and hardworking to provide the best service. We ensure cost efficient delivery of sweet water services in Dubai.

Quality Of Water
pH7.9 to 8.5
TDS25 to 150 mg/l
Chloride< 50 mg/l as Cl
Sulphate< 3 mg/l as SO4
Conductivity50 to 300 ms/cm
Total Alkalinity25 to 65 mg/l as CaCO3
Total Hardness25 to 70 mg/l as CaCO3
Calcium Hardness25 to 65 mg/l as CaCO3
Magnesium Hardness< 15 mg/l as CaCO3
Sweet Water

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