Tanker Services

Tanker Services

Tanker service of Dubai Water Supply provides transportation drinking water, sweet water, salt water, swimming pool water. In addition to this we manage with the water collection and waste water removal, removal of swimming pool water. Tanker service can handle any quantity and can travel to any extent to give the high quality tanker services in Dubai.

Key activities:

We offer various Tanker Services like:

Sewage water removal

Trade waste removal


Sewage water removal

Trade waste collection


Supply of sweet water

Supply of salt water

Sludge removal

Salt water removal

Swimming pool water (Pool filling services)

We fill all types of swimming pools, whether big or small. Water Supply Dubai tankers can handle to carry large amounts of water and fill your swimming pool whenever, anyplace. Our services are carried out using tankers having various capacities. Water Supply Dubai owns vehicles with capacity of 10,000 Gallons tankers in Dubai, 5,000 Gallons tankers in Dubai, 3,000 Gallons tankers in Dubai and  1,000 Gallons tankers in Dubai. Our fleet is further composed of the following tankers:

Sweet Water Tankers: 

1,000 Gallons, 1,500 Gallons, 5,000 Gallons, 10,000 Gallons, 20,000 Gallons, 50,000 Gallons, 100,000 Gallons.

Salt Water Tankers: 

10,000 Gallons, 5,000 Gallons

Sewerage Tankers:

 1,000 Gallons, 5,000 Gallons, 10,000 Gallons

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