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We are a sweet water tanker & saltwater tanker supplying company operating in Dubai, UAE. We have developed as the most trusted organization in Dubai for sweet water supply. We are certified by the Dubai Municipality for the supply of sweet water. We are also certified by the Dubai Municipality for the supply of saltwater and potable water. Water Supply Dubai has very experienced staff, awesome vehicles outfitted with sterile tankers and exceptionally propelled machinery.

We supply sweet water to almost all swimming pools in Dubai for villas. Our supply sweet water services are appreciated by most of the swimming pool owners in villas. We supply sweet water to under construction building sites, restaurants, residential complex, and other requirements. Sweetwater supplied in tankers for different purposes. Sweetwater tanker is mostly supplied to swimming pools in hotels and villas. Sweetwater delivery is also supplied to under construction building sites. Our sweet water tanker is supplied all over Dubai. We are specialists in supplying water for drinking and different purposes. We give a wide range of tankers to providing water.

We have been contacted by our customers for repeat orders again and again as they find us the best sweet water supplier in Dubai. 

(Sweet Water, Salt Water Tanker, Irrigation Water, Waste Water Collection) 

Our service is extraordinary and our prices are reasonable. 

We provide sweet and salt water services in all limits as mentioned below. 

(100,000 gallons, 20,000 gallons 10,000 gallons, 5,000 gallons, 3,000 gallons, 2,000 gallons, 1,000 gallons) at an reasonable price.

Sweetwater is utilized for topping off swimming pools, under construction building, irrigation water system, etc. It is also used when DEWA water is shut off due to some faulty issues.

Saltwater is likewise referred to as saline water is utilized for the quantity of purposes, for example, aquariums, construction development, landscaping works, swimming pools etc. It is normally utilized for construction foundations works. For the most part gathered from seawater or groundwater, salt water is a key material for development of construction.

We fill a wide range of swimming pools, regardless of the size. Our sweet water tankers make it possible to supply any quantity of water and fill your pool whenever, anyplace. We are the specialists in pool water filling. Our prices and the quality of water guarantees a permanent satisfaction.

The professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai. We do swimming pool construction, pool cleaning, water treatment, annual maintenance contracts, and accessible if the need arises support on-call maintenance services. 

When it comes to availability, we are available always any time round the clock. Whenever you require us, we are just a call away.

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We take care of our customers, assure on-time delivery and we deliver all over Dubai.

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